25# GONE!!!

25# LOST

It’s 6:04PM and I’m sitting at my computer when I start thinking about all the various milestones I want to celebrate as I hit them on the scale. My ultimate goal is to lose 100# so of course hitting the first 25# is a really big deal so I decided to pull out my trustworthy HappyScale app to start figuring out when that might occur and HOLY SHIT!!!! I hit 25.2# lost this AM and I’m just now realizing it. Of course I would have included this huge fact in an earlier post had I realized it, but I’m a real person and I didn’t realize it until just now…..so this is when I’ll write about it.

When I say celebrate, I use that term loosely. I don’t mean I’ll go buy dessert or order up a pizza, I just want to be reflective and present this time around. I LOVE thinking….as in I LOVE being inside my head and totally thinking things through until there’s absolutely nothing left to think about. I LOVE analyzing things and then overanalyzing them. Mr. Giant thinks I’m bizarre when I tell him I want to just go to a quiet place and think about something. It could be something that happened 9-months ago (true story) and I just want to think it all the way through again. My brain works in mysterious ways and it’s better just to go with it rather than try to fight/ignore it. So, I’m going to go take a really hot shower, get on some super comfy PJs, and think until I fall asleep. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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