So, what do you eat?!?


I get this question a lot. It’s hard for people to imagine a life without bread, pasta, starchy vegetables, most fruits, and of course dessert. No more candy from the grocery store checkout line. No more toast with your bacon and eggs in the morning. Beer during football games is a technical foul. Sweet coffee creamers and specialty drinks from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts? So long! If you’re still eating carbs, pause here and mentally picture what you’ve eaten so far just today that would be banned from a low carb diet. It can be SUPER overwhelming, I get it. And, for a lot of people, their first reaction is, “I could never do that”. I’m here to tell you that you can and I am living proof that it’s 100% possible.

I’m here because I was unequivocally addicted to sugar…..and we’re not talking about the cute natural sugars found in fruits. It controlled me in a way others may be controlled by drugs or alcohol. Sugar was my drug of choice and I was completely out of control. I hit my “ah ha” moment when my mother-in-law made a TX sheet cake that was sitting on the kitchen counter for a couple days. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t stop eating it. Even though I wasn’t hungry, it seriously took over my brain and I was OBSESSED with it until it was gone. When I started sneaking pieces behind Mr. Giant’s (aka: my hubby) back, I knew things had to change. It took me a couple weeks past that point to actually start low carb, but that was the moment I realized I had a problem.

I’ll just tell you what I’ve consumed so far today so you can get an idea of a typical day:

-Since I didn’t eat yesterday, I ate breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs and 6 Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links. I normally fast through breakfast, so I guess today was special.

-I drank two cups of coffee which contained 2 packets of Truvia sweetener.

-I drank a 32oz bottle of teal blue (mixed berry) Powerade Zero.

-Lunch was chicken salad (chicken breast, mayo, salt & pepper) on scooped out Mt.Olive kosher dill pickles. (photo above). I’m new to blogging and I realize my pictures of food suck. It’s high on my priority list to figure out….just give me a minute.

That’s it so far and I’m seriously contemplating setting my 16-hour fast alarm now and just skipping dinner to eat breakfast again tomorrow. We’ll see, the day is young, but you get the idea. If you told me to stop eating right now for the rest of the day, I could easily do it comfortably. Before low carb, I would immediately start to panic. I don’t obsess about food the way I used to. If I skip a meal, it’s no big deal. In a future post I’ll talk about Mr. Giant and how he’s adapted to me and my new way of eating since he doesn’t do low carb and he certainly doesn’t skip meals.


2 thoughts on “So, what do you eat?!?”

  1. I often have breakfast at noon and no lunch, because I love bacon so much and my 16 hour fast ends normally around 10am while I am on my walk. You are doing great! Oh, I nominated you for a blogging award. Check it out!


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