Mr. Giant (aka my husband)

Mr. Giant and I got married in March 2008 so we’re quickly approaching our 10-year wedding anniversary in the spring. We are best friends, for real. Being with him is by far the easiest part of my day-to-day life. Trust me, there were broken roads for both of us that led us to each other….but maybe that’s why we appreciate each other and respect one another the way that we do.

Mr. Giant is my BIGGEST supporter when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. He has seen me at my very biggest, he has seen me finish half marathons, I have dragged him through a dozen different weight loss journeys, but he has never given up on me and he has loved me the same through it all. So how is he handling my newest journey where I’ve cut out carbs? He’s fine with it. He doesn’t eat toast anymore with his breakfast because he would be the only one eating any bread and most of every loaf would get wasted. He eats what I make for dinner, sometimes it’s low carb and sometimes I make a special carb meal that only he consumes. We eat dinner together most nights and it usually consists of smoking some sort of meat on the Big Green Egg and a vegetable we can both enjoy or a salad. If I tell him I’m skipping a meal, he doesn’t bat an eye….he simply takes it in stride. If I tell him I need to sit down and rest for a minute (because sometimes low carb can kick your ass physically), he’s patient.

He doesn’t do low carb and he doesn’t skip meals. We try to exercise together once in a while, but for the most part we do our own thing. He doesn’t try to sabotage me and I don’t try to talk him into doing what I’m doing. We simply move together through each day while staying in our own lanes. It’s kind of easy!

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