The Skinny on Salads


I love a great salad with lots of different ingredients, but I absolutely HATE cutting up everything and preparing it. It’s just way too time consuming if it includes more than 2 ingredients. I’ve made a new life rule to order AT LEAST a salad whenever I go out to eat so that someone else is doing all the work yet I still get to enjoy it. We don’t go out to eat often, but last night we actually went out with another couple to an area joint that has $5 wings and 1/2 off bottles of wine. I ordered an unsweet tea (I forgot my damn Truvia packets so I used the Splenda they had on the table), 10 old bay wings (all flats because I don’t like the drumsticks), with ranch dressing AND a chicken Caesar salad without the croutons. I had skipped lunch so I was ready to eat. I always order wings with a dry rub, there’s a whole lot less worry that there will be a sugary sauce on them.

I was craving a salad and when I stopped to think about the last time I consumed a vegetable, I couldn’t actually remember. That’s a problem and I’m not proud of that. I tend to eat simple foods, I’m not big into recipes or buying a million ingredients to try something new. I have got to start incorporating more vegetables into my diet, especially since I rarely eat fruit. Like I told you in the beginning, I’m new to this low carb world and I’m still working on finding a routine that is automatic.

I rarely drink alcohol. The older I get, the longer the effects last and I don’t wanna feel like total poo poo for two full days afterwards, so I tend to just skip it altogether. Now, that doesn’t mean I NEVER drink and I’m sure you’ll hear some stories along the way, but I’m not a casual drinker where I’m having one or two drinks with dinner. I go big if I’m going at all. I’m basically the permanent designated driver, which works out well.

I’m skipping breakfast today, I can still feel those wings churning in my stomach and I actually didn’t sleep well because I could feel them churning all night long. Skipping breakfast isn’t a big deal, I do it all the time. Just a couple cups of coffee with some Truvia packets and I’m good to go. I’m watching Baby E today from 8am-5pm, so we’ll be hitting the neighborhood for a stroller walk at some point. Baby E is a 4-month-old little girl that I watch a few days a week, it gives me something to do and I absolutely LOVE having a little baby in my life to obsess over…..part time 😉

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