Invisalign….what a pain in the ass!


Today I got Invisalign and over the next 8-12 months I have to wear the clear tooth trays for AT LEAST 22-hours every, single day. Today was Day #1. Let me just tell you, the whole process to eat is a total pain in the ass so I see myself becoming a pro at intermittent fasting. I bet I get down to eating a single meal a day just because I don’t want to deal with it. There’s no more casually “taking a bite” of anything. I would have to remove the trays, take the stupid bite, get the food that got stuck out of my teeth, potentially brush my teeth if it’s bad enough and then pop those suckers back in as quickly as possible. For a single bite? Nah, ain’t worth it to me.

Mr. Giant and I went to an air show today and I started to get hungry again around 2PM so I opted to get a jumbo hot dog with no bun. A hot dog with some mustard, that was it. So, I had to take the trays out and store them safely, eat 3 bites of the stupid hot dog, swish with bottled water to rinse the food out of all the nooks and crannies before retrieving the trays and putting them back in. What. A. Total. Pain. In. The. Ass.

Another interesting tidbit is that drinking anything other than plain water can stain the trays. Oh awesome. So if I don’t want to have teal blue teeth from the fake ass chemicals in my Powerade Zero I should probably stick to plain water? And this is for the next 8-12 months? Now, it’s not completely lost on me that Invisalign is basically forcing me to do the right thing(s). AND, I plan on losing a shit ton of weight over the next 8-12 months so at the end of this ordeal I have the potential to be smoking hot PLUS have the perfect teeth I have always dreamed of. When you look at it that way, 8-12 months doesn’t seem so bad. I can do anything for 8-12 months, right? Thank God Day #1 is almost over.

2 thoughts on “Invisalign….what a pain in the ass!”

  1. It gets so much easier! I’m 6 weeks in and I have 52 weeks to go! The food thing does get annoying but I’ve seen my diet improve so much as I’m no longer snack eating. The first week I felt starving but by week 2 my appetite had curbed.
    I’ve only started to see the results now I’ve got attachments but honestly still so much better then the metal braces! x


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