Navigating an NFL Game

Mr. Giant and I went to the first Ravens home game where I drank nothing but plain water (thanks to Invisalign) and I ate a hot dog (no bun) dipped in a few tablespoons of crab dip. It was simple and uncomplicated. I survived. Sure, back in the day I would eat a heaping pile of nachos, a soft pretzel, and beers galore. But that’s not how I roll anymore and it’s ok! We had a great day AND the Ravens won!

Learning to navigate all of these situations is the key to my long term success. Learning to eat while out and about, when traveling, when I’m sick, etc…’s all about building a new routine and habits from the ground up. And I’m not the only one learning! Mr. Giant is learning what I’m willing to eat and he knows what I simply won’t even consider eating. I think he secretly loves not having to share his food with me anymore. I was notorious for sneaking bites which ended up being half (or more) of his snack.

I’m tired. I’m ready for bed at 6:42pm and tomorrow is my official weigh in day!!! I can’t wait!!!

One thought on “Navigating an NFL Game”

  1. Almost went to that game, but my daughter surprised me with a visit from school. Funny thing is she goes to school in Baltimore! So proud of how well you are doing when out and about. I know the struggle is real. People look at you strange. Went to a friend’s house tonight for a meeting – she served pizza. I ate the toppings 😦

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