Monday WI Results: 259.1


Today is my official weigh in day and here are the results! I’m not entirely sure how to feel about it since I weighed 254.9 on Wednesday of this week and I’ve been completely on point with food and exercise all week. I simply cannot explain how I went from 254.9 to 259.1 in just a matter of days. This is when I need to stop and take a moment to reflect on how far I’ve already come and how great I truly feel. Since June 12th I have lost 21.6#. That did not happen by accident. I will not let this weird weigh in bring me down. I will simply continue on my journey, joyfully, and hope that next week’s weigh in reflects some of the hard work that I’ve been putting in.

I exercised for 258-minutes this past week! I’m going to set my exercise goal at 265-minutes for this upcoming week just to have something other than my weight to focus on. I can’t deny that I’m bothered by today’s results but the difference this time around is that I need to reframe it, refocus, and simply move forward. In the past, this sort of thing would have completely derailed me but that’s why this time is different. I’m already looking forward to hopping on the scale next Monday and sharing the results right here!

2 thoughts on “Monday WI Results: 259.1”

  1. My son, who is a personal trainer said that sometimes when you plateau or gain weight while exercising remember that muscle weighs more and try not to over stress your body in workouts and exercises. Check your measurements they will tell the truth. Great job on the hard work and loss to date.


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