Meet Crystal


I’m a relatively new stay-at-home wife who had grand plans of becoming a “trophy wife” with all my extra time once I stopped working. Well, I stopped working in August 2014 and there I was in June 2017 bigger than I had ever been in my entire life! WTF?!?! That did not go as planned.

A friendly 90-day weight loss competition among friends that began in June 2017 really jumpstarted my weight loss journey this time around (because let’s face it, I have been on MANY weight loss journeys) and I naturally procrastinated the first 60-days because I kept thinking I had enough time to “catch up”. So at day 60 of the competition and with only 30-days left to go and a whole lot of weight to lose, I started researching the safest way to lose weight quickly and I landed at low carb. I ended up winning that damn weight loss competition but where it led me in terms of a new way of eating has me intrigued.

So here I am, a first-time blogger and trying to figure out how to eat low carb for the rest of my life. I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING related to this journey, because if I can help make this process easier for one person….it’s worth it!